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Never say Never: DE Chancery Court issues first arrest warrant

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The Delaware Court of Chancery this week did something that, as far as anyone can tell, it has never done before. It issued an arrest warrant.

The unusual action by Vice Chancellor Donald Parsons Jr. came in a lawsuit filed by W. L. Gore and Associates against a former employee and research scientist – Huey Shen Wu of Newark – who the company claims is misappropriating Gore trade secrets and property.

Parsons issued the order calling for Wu’s arrest after weeks of warning him that he was in contempt of court and faced possible imprisonment if he did not comply with an order to surrender his U.S. passport, Taiwanese passport, Chinese visas and other Chinese travel documents.

Widener Law School professor Lawrence A. Hamermesh, who specializes in Chancery Court matters, said he was surprised by the move and did not realize the court had that power. “It is news to me,” he said.

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